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Vredenburg Awareness Project

Vredenburg Awareness Project - Protecting our West Coast Cities

Vredenburg Neighborhood watch, Ou Dorp Neighborhood watch and Esperia Neighborhood watch and MSO/HSP Security came together. CBD, Industrial 1 (police station area) and Industrial 2 (opposite Weskus Mall) were patrolled with vehicles. Neighborhood watch members patrolled their normal routes from 23:00 until 00:00.

No serious incidents were reported.

One drunk driver was stopped, another person on foot under the influence of alcohol was taken home and people sleeping on the street was monitored.

Concerns highlighted like no shelter available in Vredenburg. At 00:15 all reported at the Ipic Centre for a debriefing by Mr. J. Retief (GPF). A patrol with all vehicles +- 40 vehicles was done throughout the town and all departed.

We are positive that the Objective of this project was achieved. We would like to thank all for their effort and taking part in this awareness project. Thank you for their time and for taking securing our town and making a difference for our community

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