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Repair & Maintenance

A faulty security system is no joke

Every minute spent with a faulty security system is time that you and your family are unprotected. In fact, a faulty system is very much like having none at all.

Faulty Security System

If you suspect that your home security system is not functioning properly, call one of our expert technicians immediately at Alex Alarms. One of our experienced on-site technicians can solve any hardware issues your home security system may have. PLEASE TEST YOUR ALARM SYSTEM REGULARLY OR CONTACT OUR TECHNICAL OFFICE

Some fixes can be solved with a simple call while others may require the expertise of an on-site technician to visit your home. In either case, we will not rest until your security system is fully operating. Our 24-hour technical team is available at any time to answer any questions you may have and we always follow essential safety protocols to ensure your protection.